Workplace Diversity Initiatives

The Diversity Center provides customized workshops and consulting services to help create an organizational culture that recognizes, values, and celebrates differences thus leading to a more inclusive and productive work environment.

Our dialogue-based training sets up a "no fault" environment that promotes understanding and communication among employees.

The Diversity Center designs and implements diversity awareness workshops specifically tailored to fit the population and needs of the organization. Basic and advanced education utilizes dialogue, lecture, case study, and video.

Our program offerings are not limted to the ones listed below. 

Sample Programs:

Cultural Competence 101

Diversity reaches much further than race and gender. Participants in this workshop will leave with an expanded definition of what diversity means and how it impacts our day to day interactions with others both personally and professionally.

Cultural Competence & Unconscious Bias

We are often aware of the ways in which we can most effectively serve diverse clients, but we aren’t always aware of the ways in which our unconscious biases interfere. This program explores the phenomena of unconscious bias and professionals can minimize its effects on client relations.

Intercultural Communication

Individuals are socialized to send and receive messages differently based on their unique identities and cultural backgrounds. Enhancing the understanding of these concepts can increase the ability to communicate effectively across cultures and subsequently grow the organization's client base, as well as enhance employee and client satisfaction, retention, and compliance.

A Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion

This workshop explains the ways in which an organization can capitalize on the dynamics of a diverse work team. Research on the benefits of diversity and inclusion initiatives will be explained in depth to help more effectively integrate these concepts into organizational practices.

Building a More Inclusive Organization Part 1

Recruiting and retaining a diverse talent base is a great concern of organizations. A structure of support must be established before true inclusion can take place within an organization. This workshop explores best practices around building the foundation for recruitment and retention to create a more inclusive workplace.

Building a More Inclusive Organization Part 2

Even organizations with a diverse group of employees can have high turnover. This workshop engages organizations in best practices to be better equipped to build a strong pipeline for diverse candidates to partner success.

Healthcare Disparities 101

In an ever changing society, the patient base that healthcare professionals serve also changes. This workshop engages healthcare professionals around the existing disparities within different communities and how healthcare teams can more effectively engage with these communities to reduce disparities and promote health equity.

Additional Program Listings:

  • Cultural Diversity 101
  • International Talent and Acculturation
  • Compassion Fatigue and Intercultural Empathy
  • Diversity Council/ERG Workshops
  • Reshaping Cultural Competence in Healthcare
  • Diversity Dimension Spotlight Series
    • Race and Ethnicity
    • Generational Differences
    • Gender Differences
    • Socio-Economic Status
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender

Consultation Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Attracting and Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
  • Engaging, Developing, and Retaining Your Talent Pool
  • Policy and Procedure Analysis
  • Diversity Council and ERG Development and Support
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Surveys, Focus Groups, and Interviews
  • Increasing Supplier and Customer Diversity
  • Culture and Climate Surveys
  • Organizational Development Initiatives

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