Professional Services

Amanda Cooper, PhD(c), CDP
Director, Organizational and
Leadership Development
Certified Practitioner of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
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Caitlin Hawkins, MSSA, MNO
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant
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Jeff Modzelewski
Engagement Manager
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Professional Development

The Diversity Center’s Professional Development programs help to heighten the awareness of individuals on the impact of inclusivity and the appreciation of difference. The Diversity Center empowers individuals to build on the strength of diversity and create communities where all people are connected, respected, and valued. It is this methodology that assists in fostering attitudes and behaviors that increase efficiency, productivity, loyalty, and job satisfaction.

Statistics prove that professional development programs increase a company’s ability to attract and retain high-caliber diverse talent. The experience of participating in a facilitated workshop focused on diversity and inclusion is eye-opening because our programs keep the intentional momentum moving in a positive direction.

The Diversity Center will help your organization develop better communication and cooperation, promote appreciation for diversity, and develop attitudes and behaviors for success in diverse environments.

Workshop Topics:

  • Organizational Culture vs. Individual Care
  • Impact of Systemic Privilege
  • Cultural Competence in Organizations
  • Impact of Words
  • Diversity Stress
  • Diversity and Inclusion … What’s the Difference?
  • Unintentional Exclusion
  • Diversity 101
  • That’s Not What I Meant (Intent vs. Impact)
  • The Business Case for Diversity
  • Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Candidates
  • Communication Styles
  • Effective Communication with Teams
  • Assumptions and Stereotypes
  • Building an Inclusive Workplace and Community
  • Leadership Training
  • Organizational Teambuilding
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