YouLEAD is an on-site middle and high school program in which a core group of students will engage with peers to raise awareness of diversity issues, build leadership skills, and create inclusive environments.

Each session is designed for students to explore self-awareness, collaboration, and social responsibility through the lens of diversity leadership.  YouLEAD is designed as an after school program, but can be modified for delivery during school hours, or for other student-serving organizations.

Core Values of YouLEAD:


YouLEAD members explore...

  • Conflict Management
  • Personal Leadership Style
  • Collaboration


YouLEAD members learn...

  • Concepts of Social Justice
  • The Impacts of the 'isms'
  • Intersections of Identity


YouLEAD members lead...

  • Anti-Bullying Campaigns
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Community Conversations


YouLEAD members are...

  • Change Agents
  • Diversity Leaders
  • Globally-Minded


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Middle School Students
Student sessions led by The Diversity Center


YouLEAD Sessions

"Who am I & What do I Bring With Me?
Opening Program, Orientation, & Team-building

"Diversity Happens.  Inclusion Is a Choice."
Diversity & Inclusion 101

"What Type of Lead Am I?"
Developing 21st Century Leadership Skills

"What Did You Say?"
Building Cross-Cultural Communication
& Conflict Resolution Skills

"Action & Awareness for Change"
Developing a Plan for Action, Breaking the Cycle

"Storytelling & Leadership"
Building Community Through Personal Storytelling


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