Contact info:

Walk, Rock & Run:
Marci Curtis
216-752-3000 ext. 226

College Interns &
Senior Projects:
Marci Curtis
216-752-3000 ext. 226

Camp Counselors:
AmariYah Israel
216-752-3000 ext. 232

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Director of School & Youth Programs

We are currently searching for Director of School & Youth Programs.  This position reports to the President & CEO, and it requires a sufficient amount of time to be devoted to program alignment and department management.  Click below for a detailed job summary:

Job Summary - Director of SY Programs 2015


Walk, Rock & Run

Volunteers are critical for the success of the walk and are needed for set-up, food, and registration. Please contact Marci Curtis at 216-752-3000 or

High school students and youth groups are welcome to volunteer at The Diversity Center for Walk, Rock & Run as part of their community service commitment.

College Interns and Senior Projects

The Diversity Center is pleased to work with students and schools for credit and special projects. Please contact Lorraine Pennick at 216-752-3000 or email

Camp Counselors

The Diversity Center is looking for dynamic young idealists ages 18 and over to be counselors for our High School Fall Retreat to be held each year in early fall at Camp Wise in Chardon, Ohio. The counselors will be trained as certified facilitators and will receive 50 documented hours of community service. If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting leadership opportunity, please contact AmariYah Israel at 216-752-3000 or

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